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General Public

Educate locals and visitors about the local reef, ocean health and kuleana through strategic outreach activities such as publications and social media.


K - 12

Outreach to students through presentations and coral reef activity kits.


Graduate & Undergraduate

Train college students on cutting-edge monitoring and data analysis of coral reef ecosystem health. Grad students will also be given opportunities to design and execute novel reef restoration research on Hawaiian coral reefs.


 Click here to learn more. 


Ana Papa Koʻa


Our goal is to provide a long-term marine resource monitoring framework to supplement indigenous, traditional management practices for local communities around Hawaiʻi. 


Kuleana Coral partners with existing nonprofits and community groups that would benefit from marine monitoring and mapping beyond the shoreline.  For example, we complement existing land-based restoration with reef restoration to promote a mauka to makai (ridge to reef) approach to ecosystem regeneration.  We can provide all equipment and staff needed to produce detailed underwater maps of reefs/seafloor in a target area.  While we provide the scientific tools and ecological curriculum, we encourage  participants to interpret data in ways that they determine to be relevant, and in the context of their home ahupuaʻa system, encompassing mauka to makai (mountain top - ocean bottom).  As guests in these spaces, we value the opportunity to listen to our host’s experiences and manaʻo (thoughts, suggestions) regarding the places we kilo (watch, observe, forecast) together.


Kuleana Coral uses camera systems and computers as modern-day tools to ana (measure, survey) and apply the resulting data to traditional Hawaiian management practices.  By incorporating indigenous resource management we believe that locals — and especially native Hawaiian communities — will be empowered, knowing that our ancestors knew how to malama ʻaina (care for the land), and that we can take an active role in that tradition today.  This kuleana (stewardship) also creates a sense of ownership, given that we are tracking the recovery or decay of our own “backyard”. (link to monitoring page)


Typically in 1 field session we can produce 2 maps, each approximately 2500 sq ft of seafloor.  Where we apply the mapping would be determined by your group and where you prioritize as  important. 

The greatest success would be the discovery of conditions that lead to actions that can be taken to make positive changes within your community.

Some areas may require major action, little action—some areas may need no action at all.  The key is to understand what is happening in your ahupuaʻa and use scientific evidence to justify management decisions.

To achieve our goals we have identified an action plan that we hope fits your community needs.  Please fill out our form below if you're interested in learning more or hosting a “Ana Papa Koʻa” program for your community group or ʻohana

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Let's talk story

Kuleana Coral is collecting oral histories (moʻolelo) from local Kupuna (elders, the keepers of ancestral knowledge) and Lawai’a (professional fishermen).  These elders remember times of subsistence fishing and traditional resource management. The elder fishermen describe reefs and conditions that are already gone from around Oʻahu, and can often describe causes of rapid change.

To increase our archive of these oral histories, Kuleana Coral is always looking for someone else willing to talk story with us and share mo’olelo (history, myth, legend, story).

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Collaboration with Local Universities

We are coordinating with local universities to involve undergraduate students in data collection and analysis, and we encourage graduate students researching coral reef restoration to contact us about specialized collaboration opportunities.

Collaboration with Educational/Advocacy Groups

Kuleana Coral is available to collaborate with local educational and ocean advocacy groups by helping them to map and study their own coral reef jurisdictions and marine conservation areas, or share more information abut coral restoration as a conservation approach.

Sustainable Tourism and Education

Kuleana Coral is working on several fronts to promote regenerative tourism. We are developing relationships with local resorts to provide coral reef education and ocean awareness programs to visitors.


Pop Up Labs for STEAM

We love collaborating with our friends at Pop-Up Labs for STEAM (PULS) which operates a mobile science lab that pops up at schools, youth organizations, and public areas to provide action-oriented enrichment opportunities in sustainable learning by demonstrating a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts+design, and mathematics) approach to students across O'ahu. 

Fragmentation Events

Join us at one of our experiential learning events which are open to the public and allow people of all ages and backgrounds to get hands on in the restoration process! Help us fragment coral and attach them to modules to accelerate growth rates and increase coral cover in degraded areas. Stay tuned to our social media and sign up for our newsletter to be notified of upcoming events.  

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