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© 2020 Kuleana Coral Reefs

Kuleana Coral Resoration is a Hawaii nonprofit corporation pending 501(c)(3) status

Marine Debris

Removing Marine Debris that damage, entangle, or smother coral reefs and their inhabitants.  KCR will focus on debris removal on Oahu's offshore reefs.

Invasive Species

Invasive species are displacing and preying on prized native fish, threatening Hawaii’s marine ecosystem. By collaborating with aquarium industry professionals, restaurant owners, or seafood distributors, there are ways we can help sustain Hawaii’s reefs, while benefitting local businesses.

Malama Kai

Stewardship of our ocean and natural resources

Invasive Species

Hawaii is home to one of the most unique coral reef ecosystems in the world and Hawaiian reefs support marine life found nowhere else on earth.  Native species compete with non-natives (invasive) for both space and food, in an environment with multiple stressors.  Removing invasive fish species takes some of the pressure off native species and gives them a better chance for survival. Unfortunately, breeding populations of invasive fish are too well established to remove completely, but these fish also provide us a unique opportunity.

Invasive species are displacing and preying upon prized native fish and invertebrates, threatening Hawaii’s unique marine environment.  Through our Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP), KCR identifies and shares information on all invasive species within our restoration areas.  This shared information can prompt multi-agency responses to prevent the spread of new invasive species and inform decision-makers on how to best implement control efforts.

KCR recognizes the importance of food security in the Hawaiian islands and that COVID-19 has affected the global food supply, which highlights our island's dependence on imported goods. Movements are underway to eat more invasive fish which are healthy and sustainable resources.  KCR supports Conservation International’s campaign to feed more people in Hawaii with invasive fish species.

How are we helping?

KCR conducts monthly fishing trips targeting invasive fish species.  Fish collected are shared within our local communities, at no cost.  We believe that economic and food security is attainable for local fishers and the food industry in Hawaii.

If you or your organization want to receive sustainable healthy fish and help distribute them to our communities most in need, please contact us here.

Marine Debris

Removing Marine Debris that damage, entangle, or smother coral reefs and their inhabitants is another way that KCR fulfills its Kuleana.  KCR will focus on debris removal in our restoration areas and anyplace else that we can safely reach with our boats.  Because we maintain a crew of professional and skilled SCUBA divers, KCR is a resource for debris removal at depths that snorkelers can't reach or perform this work safely.

Marine debris can harm or kill coral reefs and the many animals that live in them. Corals can be physically broken by some heavy debris (anchors, chain, large nets), or they can be smothered by nets and plastics which deny the coral of the sunlight used for their symbiotic algae to photosynthesize. One of the biggest and growing threats is lost or discarded fishing nets (called “ghost” nets), which can get caught on reefs and entangle fish, sea turtles, and marine mammals

If you want to report marine debris, you can contact the DLNR/NOAA at 808-587-0405, and email DLNR.marine.debris@hawaii.gov or disasterdebris@noaa.gov  .  Feel free to contact us and we may be able to respond depending on location and weather permitting.