Our primary goal at Kuleana Coral Restoration is to maximize the amount of positive impact we can have on the coral reef ecosystem in a timely and cost-effective way.

To realize this goal we rely on sound scientific practices, observations, and monitoring

to continually guide and reinform our restoration efforts.

Coral Planting

Our basic approach is direct transplantation of naturally dislodged coral heads (storms/waves) and human dislodged coral heads (anchoring, fishing, grounding). We target large coral heads with a low chance of survival and reattach them to a restoration site in the immediate vicinity.

Research Projects

We are dedicated to continual research to optimize our restoration potential. We encourage graduate and undergraduate students who have research-SCUBA diving experience and are looking for research projects to contact us for research opportunities.

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Kuleana Coral Resoration is a Hawaii nonprofit corporation pending 501(c)(3) status

Dislodged coral survivability

Outplanted coral survivability and growth rates

Change in fish abundance

over time


methods for coral outplantings

Analysis of natural coral head distribution, arrangement, and populations

Planning outplanting distribution, arrangement, and populations




We build 3D maps and large scale photomosaics of our restoration sites and surrounding area to document, plan and monitor our restoration efforts. 

We generate maps following protocols described by Coral Restoration Foundation: